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How to Make windows XP bootable from USB flash Memory

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In my previous posting, I also have to write a tutorial on how to install windows xp using flash memory (indonesian version ) and how to install windows vista using flash memory, many are still confused in the post because I do not use sreenshot. This time I try to make a tutorial with the same ease the process works.

Download the software below:

1. PeToUSB
2. BootSect
3. USB_Prep8

Lets go ... follow this step

PART 1 - Formatting

1. flash memory input / pendrive in usb port

2. ekstract all software to a folder on your hard drive directory, for example, in drive D, rename the folder, for example USB.
use WinZip or winrar for the ekstract.

3.Copy PE2USB.exe to folder USB_PREP8.

Double click the file usb_prep8.cmd is in the folder USB_PREP8.

So windows will appear on your monitor as a picture


Press any keyboard key to continue. (Just follow the instructions), Window PE2USB will appear on your monitor. You do not need to change anything.

Click Start button, then press Yes

After formated is complete, close the windows PEtoUSB, Remember! only PEtoUSB windows, do not close the Command Prompt window. Comand it will appear like the image below

Press any keyboard key to continue. (Just follow the instructions), Window PE2USB will appear on your monitor. You do not need to change anything.

4.Insert your Windows XP CD

- Press 1 to select the drive where the windows installation files are located, (Change XP Setup Source Path, currently)
A window will appear and select the drive containing your Windows XP setup CD . Click [OK]. For example, in E, click there, ok

- Select a menu number 3) Change Target USB-Drive Letter, currently
Type the drive letter that contains your USB Flash Disk. In my example is drive F:

- Select number 4, Make New TempImage with XP LocalSource and Copy to USB-Drive - Press Y to start the formatting

- Press any key to continue the process

Press yes to copy temporary files to usb



Press any key to end all the process ..

PART II - Installation

1. Before you begin the installation make sure that the booting sequence is set up so that your first boot from a USB Flash Disk.
how to setup the BIOS menu, turn on the computer / laptop, press F2 after computer / laptop is turn on

2. After entering the BIOS menu select the "boot order"

3. On Boot Order you can select the boot sequence that is required is : 1. USB Hard Drive / Flash Drive, sequence number 2 to the other but usually content with your DVD / CD Drive.

4. Click Save and Exit, the computer will restart.

5. If all goes smoothly, at the time the computer will turn back to boot from a USB Flash Drive and you will show the options menu

6. Select the [TXT Mode Setup Windows XP, Never Unplug USB Drive Until After logon].
IMPORTANT: Do not pull out/unplug the USB Flash Drive to a Windows XP installation is completed entirely.

7. Windows XP setup will start. Do as if you are using exactly CD, just follow the instructions .

8. After the setup finished copying files to your hard drive, setup will make the computer restart.

9. IMPORTANT: Select the [GUI Mode Setup Windows XP, Continue Setup + Start XP].
Windows Setup will continue to use the display setup GUI (Graphical User Interface) while copying from a USB Flash Drive.

10. Continue installation as usual. If you are finished you can pull unplug the USB Flash Drive.


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3matra said...
March 30, 2009 at 12:01 PM

tutorialnya kompli, salam kenal dan ijin review blognya sekalian yahhhh

Charlotte said...
November 1, 2010 at 10:31 AM

great post. Thanks for posting. :)

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